New funtionality makes picking of on-line order faster


StrongPoint Cub is launching the new Pick-By-Light integration with Pricer electronic shelf labels. The solution helps the staff to find the right product more quickly at a product selection using a guiding green flash from the electronic label.

With the solution Pick & Collect, StrongPoint Cub offers support for stores and businesses that pick online orders. The solution is applicable in both stores, warehouses and darkstores. The solution is facilitated by mobile devices and each item is verified by barcode scanning to eliminate errors. Pick & Collect is a complete and proven system for picking online orders already in operation in several hundred stores and at several large chains. The process is faster, more accurate and requires fewer resources.

StrongPoint Cub can now deliver an integration with Pricer to facilitate and speed up the item picking with the help of electronic shelf labels. The latest generation of Pricer's ESLs are equipped with SmartFlash, which means that the electronic shelf label for various calls can start a green flashing light that makes goods visible on theshelf.

The product to be picked is activated in Pick & Collect, after which the label on the shelf starts to flash. When the item is picked and scanned, the label stops flashing. Then the label forthe next item to be picked begins to flash. This is controlled via the mobile handset that the store staff uses in the store to pick.

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Meet StrongPoint Cub at EuroCIS in Düsseldorf


StrongPoint will exhibit together with other StrongPoint companies at EuroCIS international fair EuroCIS in Düsseldorf February 19-21.

StrongPoint Cub will present the successful solution for managing e-commerce order, the E-commerce LogisticsSuite solution, used by several larger retail chains in Sweden and abroad. The unique solution is a complete system covering everything in the e-commerce logistics process as administration, set-up, picking, delivery and pick-up.

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StrongPoint will also show solutions for Self-checkout,integrated with Select & Collect and Yoti age verification, and self-payment solution CashGuard

Visit the StrongPoint boothat D42 in hall 9. Welcome!

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StrongPoint Cub to exhibit at the NRF exhibition in New York


StrongPoint Cub has again been selected to exhibit at Zebra Technologies stand at the major retail trade fair NRF in New York in 2019. It is one of the world's most famous fairs covering innovation and rethinking in the retail industry.

It is the success of StrongPoint Cub with its e-commerce solutions that make Zebra aware and offer the opportunity to exhibit in Zebra's stand at NRF.

" We were there in January this year and had 3 full days of presentations that followed each other back to back," says Göran Thörn,SVP E-Commerce Management at StrongPoint Cub AB. "The NRF in New York is agreat opportunity for us to create new contacts and sales channels for oursolutions, mainly in North and South America, but also to connect with visitors from other parts of the world that will be there," continues Göran.

In addition to the fact thatthe three largest players in the Swedish grocery market use solutions from StrongPointCub E-Commerce Logistics Suite, the first installations have now also been done abroad. "We are now running installations in Denmark and Estonia, and with the network that the StrongPoint Group offers, there are also discussions in other European countries.

Through the acquisition by StrongPoint at the end of 2017, we now have better opportunities to reach out with our solutions outside Sweden, and together with our Click& Collect solutions, today we have a complete concept to offer." Göran concludes.

Visit StrongPoint Cub in Zebra's booth 2101 at NRF during 13th -15th January,2019.


StrongPoint Cub to participate at Equipmag in Paris


StrongPoint will exhibit at the well-known international fail Equipmag 2018 in Paris September10-12.

StrongPoint Cub will present the E-commerce Logistics Suite solution, that several of the larger retail chains in Sweden now are using. During this autumn, additional installations will also take place in other Nordic countries. The solution is unique, as it covers all areas in the long chain from that the order is placed, covering managing, picking, pick-up and delivery. Read more here:

StrongPoint will also during the exhibition show their solution for Click&Collect modules. Click&Collect, is a temperature-controlled locker which enables customers to pick up their groceries at their leisure. StrongPoint will also present a new customer-facing payment solution, that lets shoppers pay with both banknotes and coins, so the store staff doesn’t have to touch the cash. It is especially relevant for the businesses which are sensitive to hygiene requirements, like bakeries, fresh food stores, etc.

Visit the StrongPoint booth at F115.

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StrongPoint strengthens its commitment to e-commerce by acquiring Cub Business Systems AB


StrongPoint acquires 100 percent of the shares in Cub Business Systems AB and thereby strengthens their commitment to e-commerce.

Digitalization of goods continues at a rapid pace - and efficient digital solutions are key elements for StrongPoints customers. Therefore the acquisition of Cub fits well with the focus on modern omnichannel and logistics solutions.

"We at Cub look forward to becoming part of the StrongPoint family and feel optimistic about this. Our products fit well together and provide us with even greater opportunities to deliver a complete solution to our customers. We can handle an international market and increased potential in our future product development, says CEO of Cub Business Systems AB, Göran Thörn.

"StrongPoint has had a very successful launch of Click & Collect. The acquisition of Cub complements our solution, enabling us to deliver future-oriented systems for our customers at home and abroad, while strengthening our e-commerce and omnichannel efforts. These are business areas that grow quickly, which will help StrongPoint expand into the digital world", says StrongPoints CEO Jørgen Waaler.

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